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  • Talented Creative Seeks Unique Position with Stellar Client

    Books - The Dinocorn Life - Talented Creative Reverse Job Ad

    BREAKING NEWS Talented Creative Content Writer & Social Media Fanatic Seeks Unique Position with Stellar Client! Are you a leading client looking for an awesome content writer & social media conversationist brimming with creative flair and a passion for stand-out digital content? Are you looking for unique, informative and gripping social content; copy that will […]

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  • Hope

    Dragonfly - The Dinocorn Life - Hope

    What is hope? What is its purpose? Hope is a tiny dragonfly that flutters its way across the sky, darting from sun to shadow wishing its flight to go straight. Hope is something that breaks and swells like a wave in a storm. Sometimes you loose it completely and other times it crashes down on […]

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  • Abused

    Pop art depicting a tear - The Dinocorn Life - Abused

    She tried to blink, her face still smarting from the blow. Her eyes watered and the warm tears cooled the heat of her cheek. Sara ran her fingers across her face and felt the raised markings of harsh fingertips burning into her. She flinched at the touch and closed her eyes once more. It had […]