About Stacey | The Dinocorn Life

Hi, I’m Stacey

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to The Dinocorn Life, a blog about my LGBTQ+ life, my loves (The Unicorn and our rescue cat Harley), feminism and dinosaurs!

You’ll also find a pretty hefty dose of mental health and suicide prevention advocacy on here — you can find out why over on the PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide page.

As well as my love for dinosaurs (alright fine, obsession), I’m also a complete craft beer hound — BrewDog is my Mecca — and I absolutely LOVE street food.

I am addicted to getting tattooed when I can afford it (and yes I do have a dinosaur tattoo… Well actually I have three… So far), have a minor houseplant obsession and I’ve completely fallen in love with taking pictures. Instagram has a lot to answer for.

I’m a bit of a clown and a firm believer that you’re never too old for silly!

Despite my own battles with mental health, I find laughter really is the best medicine. Making people laugh brightens my day, and hopefully, it brightens theirs too and makes me feel good… So for as long as I have the inclination and the power to do so, I will.

As well as running The Dinocorn Life, I’m also a Content Marketing Consultant at Exposure Ninja, work two days a week doing Social Media Management at The Centre for Research in Early Childhood in Birmingham, and am the owner of UnicornThesaurus, uniquely different digital marketing.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together, start here.