Throwback Thursday – The Question Mark (January, 2001)

Question Mark Graffiti - Bilal Kamoon

Today’s creative writing Throwback Thursday is a cute little poem that I penned back in 2001 at the grand ol’ age of 12!

A couple weekends ago The Unicorn and I were back at my parents and my dad asked me to go through some old boxes that he’d hauled down from the loft.

I was convinced that the 3 boxes would all be uni and college coursework but amongst the boring lecture notes and past assignments, I found a little gem of a collection — a box full of old exercise books from middle school!

Most of them went straight into the recycling pile (though I was a little sad to part with my award winning project on foot and mouth disease), but anything from English was put to one side for safe keeping.

I was always a complete boff, in English. I just LOVED it and when I started to go through some of the folders I was pretty impressed with this little poem I found from Year 8 English…


The Question Mark

I would love to be a question mark,

Questioning the words.

It ends the why and who,

Yet it is not heard.

A giant hook hovering,

Above a bouncing ball,

Making all the other words,

Seem so very small.

I would love to be a question mark,

Questioning the words.

Standing tall above the rest,

Never being heard.


According to Ms Dennison, it is “well-structured & interesting ideas used” and 1 credit awarded, so, go 12-year-old me!!

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