Throwback Thursday: The Writer (November, 2003)

The Writer - The Dinocorn Life - Throwback Thursday

So in the grand scheme of streamlining my blog, but still being able to share old work, I’ve decided that embracing ‘Throwback Thursday’ is the way to do it!

This week’s feature is a little creative writing gem — homework from 2003!!


The Writer

He looked down at the yellowing parchment through the cracks in his fingers, dismayed. Balls of crushed and crumpled pages lay strewn across the floor around him.

He ran his blackened fingers through his already messy hair and sighed. With one skinny outstretched arm, he raised his wire-framed spectacles and placed them on his face. Picking up the broken quill and dipping it into the ink pot he glanced once again at the blank page.

His quill hovered over the parchment and a few lonely drops of ink splattered onto the table.

The words seemed to dance in front of his eyes, he knew what he wanted to say, but his quill was unable to capture the words and rearrange them onto the page.

With another sigh he slumped over and began to write in a stream, one word after the next, knowing that this would once again end in failure; just like the others.

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