Read 100 Books. Live 100 Lives.

Read 100 Books. Live 100 Lives. - The Dinocorn Life

Ever wanted to be an astronaut, or discover the New World aboard a 16th Century Merchant ship? Wanted to battle foreign armies, or maybe climb a mountain?

Ever wanted to meet a Hobbit or a Mermaid, or know what it feels like to fly? See the inside of a whale, or row a boat with just an owl and a pussycat for company?

Ever dreamed of being a crime fighter or a superhero, solving mysteries and murders? Wanted to defend the innocent in a court room, or lay down the law with a Sheriff’s Smith & Wesson in the Old Wild West?

Ever dreamed of being a spy, or a Star Ship Trooper? Wondered what it felt like to fall in love, walk the plank, or even die?

Read 100 books. Live 100 lives. Do all this and more. Pick up a book and dive in!

Discover the lives you’ve yet to live.

Discover the power of reading.

Discover books.

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