Talented Creative Seeks Unique Position with Stellar Client

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Talented Creative Content Writer & Social Media Fanatic Seeks Unique Position with Stellar Client!

Are you a leading client looking for an awesome content writer & social media conversationist brimming with creative flair and a passion for stand-out digital content?

Are you looking for unique, informative and gripping social content; copy that will engage and delight your readers, encourage them to get involved in conversations and share your stories?

Are you a company that values its’ employees; offers great experience and the opportunity to work and learn from a talented, motivated and inspirational team?

Are you a company willing to hire for attitude and transferable skills with the presence of mind to realise that lack of experience does not equate to lack of ability?

Are you a company that has trust in a person’s personality and willingness to work hard and grow into a role and make it their own?

If this sounds like your company then please get in touch.

What’s on offer?

  • A diverse portfolio of content delivered across a range of channels, including blogs, social media, university newspapers, website content, company intranet pages, charity event news and reviews, promotional pieces for individuals, poetry, essays, instructional/professional guides and booklets
  • Social Media wizard with the passion and competence to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Hootsuite
  • Computer literate with proficiency in using Microsoft Office, WordPress, various databases & content management systems
  • Existing knowledge of digital marketing techniques, PR and SEO
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the English language with exceptional vocabulary and grammar
  • Powerful communication skills with the ability to generate leads, pitch original ideas and connect with inspiring and influential individuals and companies
  • Confidence liaising with clients, external stakeholders & staff at all levels, including senior management

If you want a talented, dedicated and hard working Content Writer with a real passion and belief in the power of social media to delight, engage and connect then I want to join your team!

Get in touch today!!

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