Taking BOLD action…

Goofy glasses girl - The Dinocorn Life - Taking BOLD Action

So rolling into Week 2 of the Pioneer Course with Careershifters and I’m feeling positive and energised and ready to take action! BOLD ACTION!!

Week 1 was a rollercoaster but all in all, embracing the missions and challenges has been great fun and really productive.

Week 2 promises to be even more challenging and having just completed the first mission I’m feeling a little spooked at how easy it was to actually just ASK for something without worrying about the outcome. That old adage ‘Don’t ASK, Don’t GET’ is something that I’ve spouted and regurgitated many times to others in the past but is something that I’ve never really embraced in my own life – or at least not at a significant level.

As part of this weeks inspiration the coaches posted this video of Jia Jiang’s ‘The Surprising Lessons From 100 Days of Rejection’. 6 minutes in… check out some of the YES’s he got… and particularly the doughnut story and Jackie… definitely cried a little bit.

So on that note… tomorrow, when I go to pick up my wedding shoes, I’m going to ask for a discount. Just ‘cus I CAN ask…

What will you do?

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