New Year. New Challenges.

New Year Sparklers - The Dinocorn Life - New Year. New Challenges

It’s been a while since I’ve posted; an extended Christmas break was necessary it seems. 2015 is here though and with it comes a host of changes in the pipeline.

The countdown to the wedding is well and truly on, 4 months to the day in fact… hadn’t actually realised that until I typed it. YIKES! I’m so excited for the day itself, its guna be ‘hella’ cool but getting there seems a long way off yet… which reminds me I need to order my shoes as a matter of urgency!!!

I’ve signed myself up for the Pioneer course with Careershifters, starting next week. Exciting and scary times but it’s time to get serious and if I’m honest a well overdue move in the right direction. I’m feeling positive and really looking forward to opening some doors… or blasting through them if that’s what it takes.

In the mean time it’s my birthday next week and for the first time, it seems to have sneaked up on me. Usually, I’m very aware and counting down to big dates like Birthdays and Christmas but this year the Wedding is definitely pulling focus; although I’m most definitely looking forward to a few days away with my girl… no idea where we’re going mind you! She’s sneaky that one.

Well, that’s all for now… something a little more interesting and fun on the way in a few days. Watch this space.

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