Dragonfly - The Dinocorn Life - Hope

What is hope?

What is its purpose?

Hope is a tiny dragonfly that flutters its way across the sky, darting from sun to shadow wishing its flight to go straight.

Hope is something that breaks and swells like a wave in a storm. Sometimes you loose it completely and other times it crashes down on you, breaking on the sharp edges of your heart, reminding you,Β in that time of black dismay, that anything is possible.

Hope is something that keeps you afloat when everything else says you should drown.

Hope is that one last determined thread that holds your favourite jeans together just long enough for you to wear them one last time.

Hope is what keeps us going.

Hope for the future.

Hope that not every day will be like today, when today has not been a good day.

Hope that things will change, and that you have the power and the strength to change them for the better.

Hope is the positive.

Hope will pull you through.

Hope is everything.

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