The Dark

The Dark - The Dinocorn Life - Creative Writing

When she called his name there was nothing. Nothing but the sound of empty darkness. Now she knew she was alone and she was scared.

Why was it that every time she found herself in a tight spot Todd took it as the perfect opportunity to go and ‘explore’. This time, Lyndsey was less than amused. She swore that once she got hold of him she’d give him a piece of her mind, but for the moment she was rather more occupied with pawing her way blindly through the dark.

Let’s just go and have a quick peek, Lynds. I swear we’ll only be a minute. The words ran through Lyndsey’s head.

“Yeah right”, she muttered.

Lyndsey stumbled through the blackness. The walls felt damp and warm and the smell of rank water wafted up the passage, clinging to the air.

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