This is what she wrote.

Girl writing in notebook - The Dinocorn Life - What Happened?

And so she began to write.

Everything she had ever felt or thought about feeling flowed out of her like water through a stream. And for once it wasn’t hard. It wasn’t hard to say she was in pain. And it wasn’t hard to say she missed her. But most of all it wasn’t hard to say she was in love with her.

Everything she had ever wanted to say to her just spilt out onto the page, no second thought or hesitation holding back the ink.

And it was freedom.

And it was writing that became her escape.

She entered a whole new world of possibilities when the words broke free from her hand. Her pen became her lips and the ink transformed her feeble words into everything she had ever wanted to say.

It was easy.

And for the first time in her life she felt like she was good at something.

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